Stop Struggling To Find A Studio Space: Rent A Storage Space Instead

Photography can be a costly career to get started in. In addition to buying all of the equipment to get started, most photographers struggle with the financial aspect of affording a studio. From the electrical costs to the general overhead expenses, it can be difficult to afford when you're just starting out. Unfortunately, most people can't just do portraits and product photography in their living room, and if you don't have a garage to turn into a studio, you're faced with a unique challenge. That unique challenge deserves a unique solution – a storage unit photography studio! Here's a look at the benefits of storage unit photography studios.

Keeping it Close to Home

You can find storage facilities in so many places that you're sure to find something that's close to home. It gives you the best of both worlds by allowing you to stay close to your house while still providing some separation between your professional and personal environments.

Keeping it Set Up

If you've been trying to make a go of building a studio in your house or in the driveway, you know how much of a pain it can be to have to set up and break down the equipment repeatedly. It's time consuming, and it leads to more wear and tear on your gear than it really needs. With a storage unit studio, everything has its place and can stay set up.

This saves you from losing that adjustment you made to get the perfect light for that portrait shot. No more worries about trying to mark the floor with tape and hoping that you remember what it means. Everything can stay right where you want it so you get the right shot every time. You can even move to a bigger unit if you find that you need more room.

Keeping it Bright

Storage units are typically taller than the standard home ceiling. In many units, the structure is a couple of feet taller, giving you a lot more space. The best part about this for a photographer is the ability to cascade light down from that ceiling. With the added height, you'll get better light dissipation across the unit for more even lighting.

Keeping it Dark

If you are shooting film instead of digital, you'll love having the storage unit space for your darkroom. When you pull the door closed to the unit, it blocks the light out and creates a perfect environment for developing pictures. Just make sure that you check with the facility owners to be sure that photo developing chemicals are acceptable in the unit.

For more information about the versatility of storage units, check with facilities like Fidelity Moving & Storage Co Inc.

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