Storage Unit Essentials For Newlyweds

Combining your homes and lives is an important part of moving in with your new spouse. These days, many people have independent lives before they move in with a significant other and you might be amazed at how much stuff you each have. Sorting through a combined home can take time and effort, but doesn't need to be done all at once. Here are three ways a storage unit can help you get organized and set up your new home together in the best way possible.

1. Landing Pad for Gifts

If you received everything that you hoped for off of your wedding registry, this can take up a lot of space quickly in your home. If you can't sort through all of your gifts and replace older items right away, you can put these in storage until you are ready to go through these and incorporate into your new home. If you are still in the process of moving in together, storing your new gifts will keep these safe until you are settled and ready for them.

2. Store Items to Sell Later On

If you and your new spouse both had separately taken pride in your individual homes, you might have some furnishings or decor that can be sold. Even if you can't keep everything once you move in together, this doesn't mean unused items should just be tossed or given away. Keep these items in storage until you have a little time to properly list and sell these items. Rather than just trying to quickly get rid of things, try to make a little money on your expensive household items and get these in the right hands.

3. Give Yourself Time to Make Decisions

Don't begin your life together fighting over who has a better coffee table or ottoman. A storage unit can be a placeholder for items that you are still sorting through, so you can make decisions later on when you are more calm. If you are on the fence about certain items or you aren't ready to say goodbye to furnishings that aren't fitting into your new home, you can give yourself a little time to decide. You might realize that a few months in that furnishings can be incorporated, or that you don't really need two love seats and can reassess at that point.

Rather than getting rid of things before you are ready or cluttering up your space with duplicate items, give yourself some time and space to sort through items thoughtfully. If you have just gone through a wedding and have moved in together, stress levels can be high. You can help your move-in process go more smoothly with the help of a storage unit.

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