Use Secure Storage To Keep Your Business Documents Safe

If your office has to store documents for several years, that can start to take up a lot of space. But you can't get rid of them. Luckily, there are options. One of them is to use storage units. There are different kinds of storage units you can use. 

On-Site Storage

An on-site storage option doesn't mean that you are going to continue to store everything in your office. What it means is that you are going to rent a mobile storage unit. These units are basically containers. You can put the documents into the container and then lock it up. The container will keep your document safe and protected from the elements. 

There are several benefits to using the mobile on-site storage. One of them is that you can access the documents whenever you need. Another is that you can have the container put wherever you need it. The storage units can also switch from on-site to off-site. The storage company you are using can come take the storage container to their facility and store it there if you don't have the room for it. 

Off-Site Storage

Off-site storage is when you take your documents to a storage facility. These are generally self-storage facilities, but there are storage facilities that are designed specifically for office document storage. No matter which facility you choose to use, the storage units are going to be climate controlled. That means that if you have delicate documents that shouldn't be exposed to temperature changes you can safely put them in these storage units. 

The storage units will also be secure. They will have locks on them that you buy and control. Many storage facilities also have added layers of protection. That can include being fenced in and having gates that you will have to use an access card or PIN to get into. This is especially true for storage facilities that are designed specifically for confidential document storage. You may also have to sign in and out with a clerk. This lets the facility know who is on the property and when. 

There are several kinds of offices which have to deal with paper records and have to keep those documents for a certain amount of time. Doctors and lawyers are just some of those people. If you need to keep documents for several years for legal purposes, making sure that you can store them somewhere that doesn't take up space in your office makes life easier. Contact a company like Arctic Self Storage for more information.

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