How To Move With Short Notice

When you move your home, the ideal situation is that you have at least a few months' notice so you can plan out a plan of attack. It takes time organizing the move, getting enough friends to help, cleaning out your home, and, of course, packing everything up. However, if you only have short notice, don't fret. It is still possible to have an efficient and organized move. Here are some tips for moving with short notice.    

Start Packing Immediately

No matter what kind of notice you have for your moving trip, now is the time ot start packing. Don't try to schedule a weekend where you get all the packing done, or you will get overwhelmed. You most likely have items right now that you won't need before you move, and those things should be packed up. This might include extra linens, seasonal clothing, or collectible items. Go through all of the shelves in your home, removing items like picture frames, figurines, and statues. Pack up any decorative items like wall art, since these items aren't necessary for living.

All you should have left are essentials like clothing, toys for your children, electronics, appliances you use every day, and furniture. By the time the move day comes, you have already packed up most of your home. When labelling your boxes, don't be too detailed. You don't have time to spend on labelling each box with exactly what is inside. Just label the room they go in, and leave it at that. If you have older kids or teenagers, have them pack up their own rooms, making sure they are packing every day and are ready quickly.

Keep a To-Do List

This may seem obvious, but when you are in a hurry to get your home moved, there is likely a lot you will forget. From the moment you find out about the short-notice move, you should already be making a list. This list includes everything that needs to be done, from what should be packed first, to changing your address and people to contact. List people who might be willing to help you move, crossing off anyone that will be busy that day. Also don't forget about your children's school schedules and activities, just in case those will be affected. Include any additional details that are important as you get closer to the move date.

Hire Full-Service Movers

Moving companies (such as those from Bekins Van Lines Inc) are helpful during any type of move, but especially during a short-notice move. Not only will they help you move your boxes and furniture so you don't need to worry about finding enough help, but they can also provide packing services. Full-service movers help you to pack up each room of your home, as well as supplying the boxes. They can also disassemble certain furniture pieces and reassemble them in your new home. This can be a huge help when you are pressed for time. 

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