5 Things to Buy at Storage Unit Yard Sales

Storage unit yard sales are a fun find. When people abandon their units and leave their belongings inside, owners of the units will sometimes place the items for sale in typical yard sale fashion. This isn't as common as hosting an auction, but it beneficial to you as a customer in not having to bid for items that you want. Some yard sales are even hosted by the people who are renting the space but wanting to get rid of their items. If you see one happening in your area, be sure to stop by and see if you can nab one of these 5 items at a great deal.


Would you pay good money to place a broken fridge, washing machine, or air conditioner in storage? Odds are, the person who let their items go wouldn't, either. This means it's a safe bet that if you see appliances in a storage unit yard sale, they are still in good condition. If you are in need of a new appliance, grab one at these kinds of yard sales before someone else grabs them first. The same rule applies to furniture.

Exercise equipment

Exercise equipment, such as treadmills, exercise bikes, and other bulky items, usually take up a lot of space in the home so they end up in storage. If you see exercise equipment at a storage unit yard sale, there's a good chance the item has hardly ever even been used. You can get awesome deals on barely-used pieces if you are quick enough to spot them first.


Many people place video game consoles, stereo speakers, and other electronics in storage until they have the time to set them up. You can get great electronics, including video cameras, television sets, and accessories for a great deal at a storage unit yard sale.


If you see one collectible item at a storage unit yard sale, odds are the rest of the collection is there, too. People often put doll, card, and mug collections in storage to protect them. The former unit renter's loss can be your financial gain.

Seasonal accessories

Seasonal items, such as winter coats and boots, life jackets and swim toys, and other items often end up in storage once the weather changes. You may be able to nab life jackets for your entire family if you happen to see them before anyone else does!

A storage unit yard sale at a facility like ABC Moving & Storage can be a treasure chest of fun things if you know just what to look for. Keep an eye out for these kinds of yard sales in your area, get to the location early, and cross your fingers. You may be able to get a great item for a fraction of its original cost.

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