Times When It Makes Sense To Rent A Self Storage Unit

When you find you don't have enough space for all of your belongings, it can be tempting to just rent a self storage unit (from companies like Epic Group Inc) and put the extra stuff in there. However, this doesn't always make sense. In some cases, it would be better to get rid of some of the extra belongings rather than paying to store things you don't use. 

During a Move

Sometimes you need to move out of one house or apartment before you can move into your new home. In the interim, it makes sense to store the majority of your belongings in a storage unit unless you have a friend or family member living nearby with enough space or are using a moving company that offers storage.

Need for Climate-Controlled Storage

Certain valuable belongings need to be stored in the right conditions or they can be damaged. Those that you don't use or look at often can be stored in a climate-controlled storage facility to keep them safe. These storage units should control both the temperature and the humidity level of the storage unit, protecting artwork, stamp collections and other valuable humidity- or temperature-sensitive items.

A Storage Unit Is Less Expensive Than a Larger Apartment

If you've got some belongings that you actually use from time to time but not every day, it can sometimes make sense to rent a storage unit to store them. This is especially the case when the storage unit necessary costs less per month than it would cost to rent a larger apartment with the necessary storage. Storage units can be relatively affordable, but the increase in cost from a 1-bedroom to a 2-bedroom apartment can be quite significant. This only makes sense if you actually use the items in storage, however. If you find a year goes by without you visiting the storage unit, you may be better off just getting rid of the unnecessary belongings stored in the unit.

During a Temporary Relocation

People sometimes get relocated for a short time for work. This could be a few months or a few years. It can be expensive to move all of your belongings to a new location and then move them back again, especially if you're being relocated to another country. It may be more cost-effective to store most of your belongings until you come back and only bring the essentials with you.

Basically, you only want to rent these units if you actually use the items you are storing or if the need for storage is temporary. Otherwise, it usually makes more sense financially to either downsize your belongings or get a larger home.

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