Did You Hire Professional Movers? Preparation Techniques That Can Reduce Your Cost

Moving can be very difficult, which is why it makes sense to hire professionals to take care of all the heavy lifting for you. It is very common for local moving companies to charge per the hour rather than by how much stuff they move. This means that the total cost of your move will depend on how much preparation you do. If you follow these preparation tips, you will be able to limit how many man hours are needed to move you to your new home, which will cut down on the bill significantly.

Pack Everything Prior To Your Moving Day

It may go without saying, but it's crucial that you pack everything before the day you are scheduled to move. It is easy to leave some packing until the day of the move because you are running behind and tired, but chances are you will end up with boxes that need to be packed and movers that are waiting for you.

Organize Boxes By Their New Rooms

Your new home will most likely have a different layout than where you are currently living. That's why you should mark boxes by the rooms they will be going into, not by the rooms that they came from at your old place. This will help your movers become more efficient, because they will not need to ask you about where a box is going to go.

Stage The Boxes Near The Main Entrance

The less walking your movers have to do, the faster they will finish. As you finish packing each box, you should move it near the entrance to your home where the movers will be going in and out of. They'll be able to move boxes directly to the truck in record time.

Disassemble All Your Furniture

An often forgotten, but a time consuming step, is breaking down your furniture so that it can fit onto the moving truck. Do things like disassemble your bed frame the night before, even if it means sleeping with the mattress on the floor.

Stay Out of The Way

Once your movers get to work, it is best to stay out of the way. You may think that you are helping by grabbing some boxes as you head out the door, but your movers are professionals. They already know how to pack the truck properly, and having them stop for you to ask questions about what they are doing is just going to slow them down. Let your movers do their own thing, and it will help get the job done in the fewest hours possible.

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