Four Types Of Things Best Stored In Your Self-Storage Unit

Self storage is a great opportunity to de-clutter your house, clear out a room for company, or even move into a smaller apartment. However, there are limitations on what you can successfully keep in a self-storage unit. Some of these may be reflected in the rules for using the facility, and others are dictated by common sense. But within the allowable parameters, there are certain things that lend themselves very well to self-storage. Here are a few of them.  

1. Things you're hoping will fit you again in the future

This is relevant to anyone who's dieting, expecting a baby, or between babies. For example, you can use your self storage unit as a motivational part of your dieting plan. You can store a box of clothes that are too small for you in the unit and use getting it out again as a goal to work toward. Or, in a situation that's approximately the reverse, you can store your maternity clothes in the unit until you need them again. Old baby clothes that you don't want to get rid of are also a good fit for a storage unit, whether you're expecting to have another baby in the future or not.  

2. Family heirlooms that you don't want to see any more

Do you have any truly hideous heirlooms passed down to you by your great-grandmother? Or what about lace doilies that look nice enough but are far too fragile to be used? Any of these items can carry their sentimental value just as well in a storage unit, and you won't feel obligated to put them on display constantly. (You might want to get them out when your grandma comes to visit, though.)  

3. Things your relatives are having you "hang on to" for them

Do you have kids in college? What about ne'er-do-well siblings traveling the world who use your mailing address and somehow expect you to sort through and forward or store several metric tons of mail for them every year? If you're feeling put-upon every time you see these relatives' belongings in space that you require for other purposes, try lugging it all to the storage unit and leaving it there indefinitely. You can even tell your relative that their stuff lives at the storage unit now and request their financial assistance in retaining said unit.  

4. Things you only use seasonally

If you're enthusiastic about decorating your house and yard festively whenever the occasion permits, a storage unit is almost a necessity for you. You can stow your New Year's, Valentine's Day, Independence Day, Saint Patrick's Day, and Halloween decorations safely in individual boxes and pick up the next season's box when you return this season's.  

These categories of self-storage candidates demonstrate how you can creatively make use of a storage unit to facilitate your life and de-clutter your house. These are far from the only things you can store, though; other than the storage guidelines supplied by your facility, and especially considering the benefits of heated self-storage units now, you're limited only by your imagination!

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