Have Too Much Sporting Equipment In Your Dorm Or Apartment? Find A Storage Facility Fast

If you have a lot of outdoor sports equipment that you don't have room for in an apartment, but it's too valuable to leave in a shed or communal space, consider an outdoor self-storage unit, such as from Security Self Storage. There are a lot of benefits to having a storage unit for the items, and the items will be protected.

Outdoor storage units are more affordable than the indoor facilities that are heated or temperature controlled, and they are still going to protect your things. Here are a few things to ask the storage facilities when you call to get prices.

Outdoor Security

What type of outdoor security does the facility have to prevent theft? A property that has around the clock surveillance recorded online through a server or with a digital or physical file is ideal. Find a facility that has cylinder locks on the doors, or options that are more reliable than padlocks. Padlocks can be removed with bolt cutters without hassle, so they aren't a great option.

Rental Insurance Needs

Is rental insurance included with the cost of your lease agreement? If not, do they provide a policy you can pay for to protect your things? If there isn't an insurance option through them, call your insurance provider for home insurance or other policies and get an estimate to have the items in your storage unit covered.

Lease Terms

Are you only living in an apartment that you signed a 1-year lease on and you are already into the lease so you don't think you'll need to the storage unit for a year? If so, don't commit to a year-long contract for the storage. Find a facility that will do a shorter lease, or that allows you to rent the unit month to month, so you don't have to pay for the months you won't use it.

If you have other friends that have equipment they don't have room to store, and you don't want to pay for the full amount of the storage facility, ask if they want to go in with you on the unit lease. A storage unit is a great way to store your bike, kayak, snow skis and other items when you don't have room in an apartment or group living situation. Call around and get the lowest price at a facility that has great security and that you can access any time you want to get your belongings when needed.

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