Parent's Guide To Staying Sane While Moving Across The Country

Anyone with a child knows how agonizing a short car trip can be with children. Imagine moving across country with your children in addition to hauling all of your belongings with you. The thought alone can be stressful, but here is a guide to help you stay sane while making the move across the country.

Make Packing Fun

To ease your children's fears and make the process fun, have your kids help with the packing so they can feel involved and important. Another way to make packing fun is by giving your children some markers so they can decorate the boxes.

Pack Your Children's Toys Last

Chances are your children will have anxiety about the move and about having their things packed up so pack your children's toys last. Then, make a small bag for each child of their favorite toys for the car ride. It may not hurt to add one or two new toys to the bag so your children are excited and preoccupied with the new toys during the trip.

Pack the Car for Comfort

Try to encourage naps from your children so you can have some much needed peace and quiet. You can do this by giving your child a comfy blanket and pillow. It might also give your child some comfort to have their favorite pillow and blanket. Then, let the natural lullaby of the car ride do its job.

Plan for Stops

Research the route you are going on and find good stopping points so the kids can get a much-needed break. This is also a good chance for everyone to use the bathroom and eat before getting on the road again.

Pack Snacks

Choose easy to open snacks and drinks so the kids can have a little bit to eat and drink in the car. Consider packing a bigger meal for a picnic at a rest stop or park. This will save money by not going to a restaurant plus you can ensure you are eating a healthy meal. This also gives the kiddies another chance to run around and burn some energy.

Stay Positive

Above all else stay upbeat and positive. Your children are more likely to handle the move and long drive easier if they see you are handling it well. Try to keep calm and everyone will get through the move with ease.

Moving is not easy and neither are long trips across the country. Combine that with children and it can easily turn into a nightmare. However, if you follow this guide you can keep your sanity while making the trip fun for your kids.

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