Want To Move? How To Get Away With Renting The Smallest Moving Truck

Moving farther than a few blocks or to a nearby neighborhood makes moving a little trickier, mainly because you cannot rely on family or friends to help transfer your large belongings. It also makes the most sense to pack and move everything in a single trip to optimize time and fuel consumption. If you are interested in renting the smallest moving truck to cut costs and enjoy a comfortable drive, you will need to get creative to avoid a situation in which you have too many items and not enough room for them.

Keep Your Irreplaceable Possessions

The easiest thing to do is decide that you want to keep everything, but this is not realistic, unless you are only packing up a studio or tiny one-bedroom apartment with minimal furnishings. A reliable solution is to determine exactly what are your irreplaceable possessions. Belongings that are inherited, restored, antique, or hard to find are a few examples of things worth keeping. If you are willing to part with an item, you should have no problem being able to find a suitable replacement after the move.

Use Boxes of the Same Size

It might be a little tricky to put everything in the same sized boxes, but it is ideal for optimizing space. With various sizes, you will inevitably have gaps that cannot be filled when stacking them. In this situation, you should pick a medium box to keep the bottom from collapsing and to avoid weight-related issues.

Master the Art of Truck Loading

Loading a moving truck is one of the most difficult parts of the entire move. If done incorrectly, you could put some or all of your possessions at risk of getting damaged. Also, without proper organization from the beginning, you could spend hours moving things around to make sure all of your items are able to fit.

Fortunately, there are plenty of tips that you can use to look like a professional packer. Turning a bookcase into a storage platform for boxes and using straps to secure every item in the truck are essential. To move boxes easier, you should rent or buy a dolly to help you take multiple boxes on each trip to the truck.

Although you could save more money by not renting a truck, you may not want to let go of certain items. Learning the ropes of packing and loading can help you rent the smallest truck to keep moving costs down.

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